Build Your Own Rental Booking Platform

A powerful online booking system for your hire / rental business. Rent, sell, manage inventory, marketing, customers & orders.

Multifaceted Rental Booking Platform For Any Business

  • Vacation Rental Booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Equipment Rental Booking
  • Boat Rental Booking
  • Car Rental Booking

Vacation Rental Booking

Upload your property in your website powered by zielengine and publish it on multiple rental sites. Now, all requests, bookings, and transactions are made through your website which will grab more travel freak customers to your website.

  • Instant Booking
  • Unlimited Hosts & Guests
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Search & filters
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple Login
  • Online payment
  • Map and location

Hotel Booking

Drive direct bookings and improve your efficiency by facilitating a secured online reservation to your customers. Go for a simplified hotel booking with zielengine and guarantee your customers a good night sleep.

  • Easy Booking
  • Multiple Room Bookings
  • Multilingual
  • Search Filters
  • SMS on Booking
  • Guest - Host Communication
  • Wishlist
  • Online payment

Equipment Rental Booking

ZielEngine’s equipment rental marketplace will facilitate both the equipment owner as well as the equipment renter. Equipment renter places the request for the equipment which the owner accepts and both are monetarily benefited since the rent is budget friendly than owning their own equipment cost.

  • Recurrent booking
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • SMS Reminders
  • Booking Widget
  • Online Booking Calendar
  • Product Image Zoom

Boat Rental Booking

ZielEngine provides you a boat rental platform by listing the available boat or yacht. Once a user request for a rental boat, the admin approves the request after checking for the availability of the boat or yacht and closes the transaction.

  • Quick booking
  • Manage trip
  • Payment gateway
  • Multilingual
  • Rental options
  • Booking options
  • Wallet
  • Advanced Reports

Car Rental Booking

We optimize your car rental business which aids the budding entrepreneurs to flourish in the business with a huge turn over each year. ZielEngine can formulate a feature rich website and mobile application for your car rental company which innovates your business amidst the massive competition.

  • Real Time Availability of Vehicles
  • Booking Details
  • Instant Reservation
  • Advanced Booking Report
  • Advanced Search Option
  • Car rental System
  • Rental Vehicle Booking
  • Rental Vehicle Reservation

Highlights to Drive Up Your Rental Booking Platform

100% Customizable

Make your booking website a highly customizable and professional one with ZielEngine which assures cent percent customization according to your requisite with its rich feature set

Fully Scalable

Grow more on your competitiveness, reputation and quality and be more versatile with our in-built scalable feature. Gain highest growth potential and maximize your returns in a better way.

Fully-Tested & Quick Go-Live

With our ZielEngine, you can launch your booking website in no time and acquire new customers, engage existing purchasers, and take your marketplace to a higher level with very minimal effort.

End-to-End Support

We Make it easy for you to connect with us to resolve any technical issues by providing email support, chat support, and customer support 24*7.

Feature Rich Rental Booking Software

  • Guest Features
  • Host Functionalities
Easy Search option

Filter and search for the availability of the bookings based on city, country, date.

Image Slider

View the most recently added properties in the website using property view slider.

Google Map Viewer

Identify the location of the listing using the Google Map viewer to better understand about the property.

Customer Feedback

Permit the travelers to write reviews and rate the property depending on the service they offered.

Easy tracking

Track the trip list with the track trip list option through the user account.

Currency Switcher

Switch from one currency to another depending on your convenience with the currency switcher option.

Communicate with host

Directly connect with the host with the internal mailing system for any queries.

Description and Suggestions

Each chosen property of the user is provided with the detailed description along with the other similar property suggestion.

Time based Search

Home page is integrated with time based search option for easy customer experience.

Advanced Search options

Enable the user to search the property based on amenities, beaches, swimming pool, villa, etc to locate their interest at ease.

Google Calendar Synchronization

Google calendar is synchronized with the host’s daily booking calendar for easy reviewing.

Booking Notifications

Instant Notifications are sent to both the traveler and the host whenever a booking is done by the user.

Add more information

Host can add more information besides property name, address etc to grab more travelers.

Google Map Integration

Users can easily locate the host using the ‘Basics’ tab by integrating the Google maps.

Uploading Videos

For the better understandability of the host by the travelers, the host can upload the surroundings of the property.


It’s provided for previewing the host as well as the profile page.

Discount and vouchers

Retain customers by providing exclusive discounts and vouchers on a seasonal basis.

Track guest preference

With our advanced inbuilt advanced technology track your users preferences and suggest them accordingly

Flexible rate plans

Be sure that you fix your prices according to the demand in a market that varies often.

Perfect invoicing

Have a hassle free invoicing procedure with our zielengine and make it relatively simple to pay

A Complete Power-packed Booking Solution

  • Hourly Booking
  • Nightly Booking
  • Instant Booking
  • Request Booking
Anyday anytime booking

Provide the travellers who wants to take a pause while traveling or to take a nap with an awesome hourly booking feature to attract many customers to your ecommerce site.

Book even after the sunset

Let the travellers find booking options even in night times as this is one of key objectives of online booking where people can book even in non working hours. Focus more on customer conveniences and get good business.

Get spontaneous confirmation

Allow the travellers to book their favorite rooms instantly and confirm the reservation on the spot. This facilitates people who frequently travel for business purposes without prior planning .

Check for the availability

Trippers can simply send a booking request to the host asking for the availability of the place on the requested dates,for which the host replies regarding the accessibility of the requested place.

Global Selling Simplified

Payment Gateways Ensure a secured payment transaction

Open up a massive revenue stream by accepting more international payment options in various foreign currencies with ZielEngine.

Multiple Currency Gain instant orders through wide currency option

Maximize the international customer engagement by affording your holidaymaker to complete a booking with multiple currency option and close more sales in no time.

Multiple Language Allow to experience booking in their native language

Get your booking website available in more international languages to target both global and local customers in the language they would love to interact with.

Marketing and Promotion


Utilize our SEO expert’s current trendy strategies to rank at the top in search engines and thrash your competitors with innovations.

Discounts and Gift Coupons

Make your booking website more appealing by providing your loyal customers gift coupons and discounts on your website, mobile application, and web application.

Daily Deals

Provoke your target traveler’s fear of missing out, by rendering them daily deals with time sensitive promotions to increase the booking transaction and website traffic each days.

Social Media Sharing

Build brand awareness and drive more profit with ZielEngine’ social media sharing option which entitles them to share the product to their acquaintances via social media channels.

Customer Success

Mauritius' Brand New Marketplace

ZielCommerce's Marketplace Solution has paved way for Maurtius Multi Vendor eCommerce store in the market to WWI millions of shopaholics to buy at their own convenience.Impressed with the features he decided to procure ZielCommerce's Marketplace.

One Step Checkout Customized Ul/UX
Multiple Monetization Multiple Payment Gateways