Start Your Own Pharmacy Ecommerce Software

Sell Medication and Healthcare products on your own pharmacy eCommerce platform.

Everything You Need to Sell Medication & Health Products Online

High- end Products

Deliver a reliable and trustworthy high quality products through your online healthcare platform.

Full Prescription Management

Get the complete prescription prescribed by the doctor through your healthcare software.

Advanced Reporting

Helps to get updated reports on the pharmacy inventory with high accuracy.

Auto Alerts & Order Request

Get perfect notification on Low-stock alert and instant order request and dispatch.

Key Highlights of ZielCommerce

100% Customizable

Customization is the perfect business strategy to delight your customers by providing enriched user interface and a secured healthcare service provider platform.

Own It Completely

Have dominion over your healthcare application by owning the complete software and get the overall access and control of the platform.

One Time Cost

Zielcommerce is one time payment healthcare software where you can own the source code and the licence by managing it hassle-free.


The SSL powered API, JWT and the reverse proxy setup will deliver the service with utmost security and customers can shop the healthcare products safely.

Revenue Snapshot

Get the clear analysis report of the revenue that has been generated through your medication & Healthcare software in a simple pictorial chart.

End to End Support

ZielCommerce never leaves you alone when you technically need the support. You can expect end to end support round the clock and get benefited.

Explore Multiple Pharmacy Store Features for Better Sales

Features for Customer Convenience

Smart Search

Guides your customers to reach the medicine they search for through smart search option and reduce their searching time.

Track Orders

Let your customers know where their ordered medicines are right now and when it will reach through online tracking facility.

Flexible payment options

Get access to various methods of payments like cash on delivery, smart cards, foreign currency, vouchers, gift cards and more.

Easy & Fast Billing

Experience the fast billing that makes use of exclusive searching option like barcode, name, salt, brand name etc.fa-angellist

Order Calling

Make easier for customers to order the medicines through your healthcare platform by scanning the QR Code.

Order Analytics

Get the detailed reports regarding the orders placed item-wise and understand the overall business performance through Google Analytics.

Medicine Reminders

Get smart and instant alerts about your medication timings through our effective and reliable pharmacy and healthcare platform.

Reports & Reviews

Know your service quality by allowing your customers to rate & review regarding their latest order they have received.

Manage Everything Of Your Online Pharmacy Store

Medicine Management System:
Align your medicines

Maintain medicines with respective to their brand name, generic name, code number, barcode, shortcode, category, picture, purchase, sale, VAT percent, opening stock and supply name.

Instant notification of inventory insufficiency

Get alerts when there is out of stock and always maintain the minimum stock level with the help of your healthcare platform and its in-built management system.

Setup offers and discounts

Set your price that will gain you reasonable profit and announce discounts and offers periodically so that the customers will be benefited and you can retain them.

Purchase Management System:
Keep record of your invoices

Maintain the invoice of all purchases you have done with the help of the purchase management system of your healthcare platform and keep a track on your purchases.

Return policy

The healthcare software will allow you to return or change purchased products under certain reasons and you can prioritize the vendors according to the quality of the product.

Track all your expenses

Apart from medicines, you can also maintain other local purchases within you online healthcare application and maintain a separate report on the expenses easily.

Sales Management System:
Track your profit

Gain more confidence by getting the real status of the sales done through your healthcare platform. Also get the clear picture of profit earned and the ROI in detail.

Analyze the fast moving product

With the sales flow analyze the product that is high demand and always make sure that you keep enough stock on the fast moving medicines.

Set your own price slab

Utilize the price setting options in your healthcare platform and fix prices according to the demand and give offers and discount to have hold on your customers.

Customer and Supply Management:
Profile setup

Set profile for suppliers and customers with their names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and other necessary information and maintain their transaction history.

Rating & review system

A complete automated solution for supplier and customer related issues. With genuine rating and reviews you receive in your healthcare platform, you can manage the system.

Channel of communication

Proper communication protocols are followed in healthcare platform that will let the supplier and the customers be informed and notified on all current process that are carried out.

Marketing & Promotion:
SEO optimized

The healthcare platform is perfectly SEO optimized that will support the website to be ranked in the top searches and this will gain you more traffic to your site.

Perfect branding

By properly utilizing the social media platforms you can get a perfect branding for your platform. The complete target audience will get to know about your brand easily by all means.

Customer acquisition

By reaching the right audience you will get to experience new customers entering your business. All you need is to have a proper promotional strategy that can uplift your market.

Store insights & Analytics

The efficient way to analyze the functioning of your healthcare platform is to get analytical report and can learn to leverage the lacking areas of the system.


Get a detailed report in pictorial format that will help you get a clear view about the sales, the purchased products count, marketing and promotional expenses and also the ROI.

Powerful Mobile Apps To Elevate Your Health & Pharmacy Sales

Explore Products

With single click one can get to know about various products that are integrated with the software.

Prescription Medicines

Utilize ‘Upload Prescription’ option and get all the prescriptions stored in your account.

Live-Geo Tracking

Online pharmacy software supports geo-tracking and allows the customers to track their orders real-time.

Rating & Reviews

The healthcare software allows customers to register their feedback through a rating and review system.

Advanced Search Option

Get spontaneous results for your search for medicines & healthcare products with advanced search option.

Scheduling & Payment

Users are privileged with several payment options and can also schedule their payment and pay accordingly.

Active & Past Orders

View all orders that you have processed recently or over the period of time.

Re-order Products

Using existing supplier details you can re-order your products with single click and save time.